Toll Soft : Toll Automation Systems Features      Components      Why Toll Soft?
Tollsoft is ATPL’s signature product. The need top develop this module was felt due to the absence of any such software that could suit Indian traffic conditions.

A typical toll collection booth experiences hundreds of transaction in multiple lanes, every day. Each transaction involves the following processes:
»   Arrival of vehicle at the toll booth
»   Identification of vehicle category
»   Determination of amount to be collected
»   Collection of cash
»   Returning the change if any
»   Allowing the vehicle to pass
Once a transaction is complete, it is repeated all over again, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Moreover, at the end of the shift all these transactions need to be complied and the total cash collection needs to be handed over.

There are possibilities that in any or all of the above incidences deliberate or unintentional errors may occur. The cash is received in various denominations and therefore maintaining records is an added difficulty. We can also not ignore the possibilities of cash being pocketed or vehicles being allowed to pass without payment of the toll.

Apart from cash security, the records and reports generated by Tollsoft enable the management to analyze the traffic statistics, identify the vehicle mix and devise strategies for marketing the route.

In short, Tollsoft is a complete automated solution for toll operations which creates an environment of digital security around the point of sale and generates meaningful data for various analysis.
Features Core Components
»   Fast Cash Collection (with minimum efforts) »   Lane Cameras
»   Comprehensive Reports (for analyzing & planning) »   Laser Scanner
»   Administration (Software / hardware setup) »   Traffic Light
»   Audit Facility (Instantaneous / shift wise / consolidated) »   Alarms
»   Integration (with peripheral devices) »   Display Monitor
»   Hand Held Terminals (ready alternative for emergencies) »   Axle Counter
»   Biometric System (to enable manpower tracking) »   ETC Antenna
      »   Monthly Pass
      »   Smart Card
Why Toll Soft?
»   Tollsoft integrates all toll devices thereby capturing all events and transactions.
»   The user interface is simple to interact and is easy to learn even for a moderately computer literate operator.
»   The toll collection process is less than 12 seconds which reduces bottlenecks and increases toll collection efficiency.
»   Automatic cash summaries, instant audits and meaningful report generation make Tollsoft a wise investment.
»   Ashoka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Assures the efficiency of the hardware and software implemented at the toll booth and offers 365 x 24 hours support.
»   Its state of the art Handheld device is capable of instant use during the eventuality of any technical problems with the toll solution.
»   Tollsoft has been successfully carrying out toll collection systems in over 50 lanes across India and is guaranteed solution for your toll operation requirements.