Businesses today are extremely susceptible to pilferage and thefts, especially those where cash transactions take place in larger magnitudes or in small denominations. Such point of sales may easily fall victim to pocketing of earnings and deliberate or unintentional errors by cashiers. Whatever be the reason, it is ultimately the organization that has to bear the losses.

Monitoring each and every transaction and establishing full control over the cash collections on every single toll booth is extremely difficult if attempted manually. It is here that technological intervention proves to be the solution. Ashoka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud to present its years of research that has transformed into a complete Toll Automation System fully capable of establishing control procedures in the business.

We have integrated the elements of visual recognition, data acquisition and generation of analyzed reports all into one, so that business houses can have reliable monitoring of their business activities even in distant locations. These software are complete solutions for points of sale such as toll booths, parking lots, weigh bridges etc. They have been indigenously developed by Ashoka and have been tested under stringent quality checks.
Powered with a team of experienced software professionals, we also undertake assignments of developing, deploying and supporting solutions ranging from small business applications to large scale integrated solutions.
We are equipped to undertake Operations and Maintenance (O & M) assignment of all the IT and automation infrastructure of any toll plaza.
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