Park Soft : Parking Managements Systems
Parksoft is ATPL’s dedicated software for controlling parking issues at multiplexes, malls and similar such business establishments where the movement of cars and other vehicles is in large numbers and of varied durations.

A typical parking system involves several critical instances that need to be captured in the system, namely:

»   Arrival of vehicle
»   Registering the vehicle’s license plate number and category
»   Capturing image of vehicle nearing the parking point of sale
»   Identifying vacant slots in the parking area on each parking level
»   Monitoring vehicles exiting the parking area
»   Collection of parking fee
These activities need speedy execution in order to prevent clogging of vehicles at parking entrances and exits. In multi-level parking where each vehicle entry and exit is tracked within the system, it becomes essential to provide the booth operator with information relating to the current parking statistics and an appropriate allotment of parking slot to any vehicle entering the parking area.
In today’s world where security and safety cannot be compromised, ParkSoft not only provides with the statistical history of vehicles inflow and outflow but can be integrated with a surveillance system to capture  the vehicle movement and activities within the parking area.
Parksoft provides simple visual interface at the point of sales. In addition to this, reports of daily, hourly and shift-wise collection can easily be viewed and printed. An audit system for the back office staff to reconcile with the cash collected is also built in.