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Ashoka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud to present its years of research that has transformed into a complete Toll Automation System fully capable of establishing control procedures in the business along with a fleet of other valuable products for Parking Management and Weigh Bridge Automation Systems.

We have integrated the elements of visual recognition, data acquisition and generation of analyzed reports all into one, so that business houses can have reliable monitoring of their business activities even in distant locations.

These software are complete solutions for points of sale such as Toll Plazas, Parking lots, Weigh Bridges etc. They have been indigenously developed by Ashoka and have been tested under stringent quality checks.
At Ashoka we understand the importance of each and every transaction. We also believe that manual monitoring systems are prone to various shortcomings, which lead to undue losses and damages. There is a need to ensure that every monetary transaction takes place with precision and once executed it should be well recorded for future references. This inspired us to look for technological resources to ensure that we can eliminate possibilities of pilferage in our business.
Our latest versions of automation solutions have helped us establish strict control at our TOLL PLAZAS, WEIGH BRIDGES etc. and we have ensured that each and every transaction is well accounted. This has been one of the major contributors to our success.
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